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Wallet Use Suitable Material

PACER GO | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

Wallet Use suitable material

1. By using a suitable cleaning brush or clean cotton cloth, the wallet surface of the dust, stolen to get rid of.

2. Leather wallet, it is best to use leather-specific cleaning agents and maintenance agents, the use of leather cleanser wipe, the general use of glasses glasses glasses can be worn, will not cause scratches on the wallet.

3. For nylon material and cloth wallet, you can use a non-drip wet cloth gently press the wallet surface, in addition to silk, silk and satin bag, you can try to use toothbrush stained with toothpaste to do local cleaning.

4. Wallets on the hardware maintenance, should be wiped with a dry cloth, if there is a slight oxidation, you can try to use flour or toothpaste gently wipe can be. First of all, the maintenance of leather goods and our habits. We have to develop the correct use of habits, the specific can be divided into two points, one can not let leather and hard objects have a collision, friction; second is not put too heavy items. Only to do these two points, in order to avoid the leather was scratched, damaged or deformed.

Second, after use, to do some simple care, to make the leather goods to keep the appearance of new, the use of time will be longer. In addition, our leather products in the use of its surface after the surface of the general will have some ash, you can use a soft cloth to wipe it away. For leather wallet, in order to prevent the deformation for too long, we can insert some paper inside, one is used to keep dry, the second is to make the bag will not collapse deformation, and then use them with plastic bags Well, place it in a cool, dry place.

Price of different factors, including women's wallet production process, brand, etc. will also cause the price difference. Women's wallet on the market can be described as a variety of, not only style, color, type, people in the purchase also more than a lot of options. However, in the face of so many choices, not all women's wallet are worth buying, as the consumer is best to learn to identify its quality, durability, after all, sometimes very attractive appearance of women's wallet, But the practicality is not strong enough to buy back just wasted money.

 Especially when the wallet is the use of leather materials, the designer should be able to effectively grasp the various elements, through the structure, design a creative, valuable wallet style. Designers not only to master the different ages, different markets of different epidemic situation, but also from the find out the answer. By fully understanding the history of leather design, as a source of inspiration, based on the market, concerned about the development trend of all walks of life, the public lifestyle and consumer attitudes change. So as to produce in line with the market trend, widely favored by consumers wallet to appear.

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