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Wallet The Main Look At The Wallet

PACER GO | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Wallet The main look at the wallet

Today for everyone to bring the visual recognition method, that is, through our eyes to observe, mainly look at the four aspects of the wallet. A look at the lines, two look low base, three look at the pores, four look at the surface, learn these four points, to identify the true and false leather wallet really no problem. Whether it is bulk sales of businesses, or a single purchase of individuals, if you do not understand the difference between leather and artificial leather wallet, then sooner or later will suffer. How to see the leather and artificial leather wallet lines?

You want to know the texture of the leather must not be very uniform, if it is artificial leather will be arranged very neatly, because it is done out of the machine, the day after processing traces of too heavy, a closer look will be very clear. Leather wallet of the big surface of some of the lines of small points, and some places the lines of the big point, in short, is that each part of the local lines are always on the difference.

Second look low base, how to see it?

Leather wallet inside the surface can see a layer of fluff, artificial leather is a layer of canvas or plastic, but there are not all leather wallet inside the grid is other materials, said here only for the leather pocket. The difference between the two is still very obvious, as long as you can see the details of the difference.

Three look at the pores of the leather wallet

As long as it is a leather wallet, its surface can always be found very clear pores distributed in the surface, unless it is artificial leather does not have this feature, but also some artificial leather imitation of a layer of very shallow pores, take a look Can distinguish.

Four look leather wallet section

The surface of the leather wallet evenly distributed the organization of the fiber, there is no change between the upper and lower layers, artificial leather level is very clear. This is also one of the characteristics. Generally speaking, qualified leather wallet factory no taste, unless it is a special case. But some people really want to buy a taste of the leather wallet how to do it? This time you may need to use some effective way to clear these extra taste. Our common way to deal with the smell is to put some fresh orange peel or grapefruit skin on the purse inside the grid inside, every few days later, the taste of leather wallet will naturally be dispersed, because the left only full of fruit flavor , This is really a good way. There is also a relatively simple way is to put your wallet in the ventilation, so that the taste of leather away with the wind.

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