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Wallet Precautions

PACER GO | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Wallet Precautions

Guide to purchase guide

Precautions for the purchase of leather wallet:

Wallet, is a necessary carry-on items, not only need to install money, often there are important documents to carry, but also took out the wallet that moment, but also shows the taste and temperament, then the purchase of wallet, how to do Buy the right wallet?

Choose the purse, the most important thing is to choose their own identity, but also reflect the best of their own personality wallet, we from the following three aspects:

1, recognize the leather logo signs.

2, check the goods with or without trademarks, factory name site, certificate. Imported leather products should be Chinese logo.

A, wallet is a common thing, naturally to the highest degree of practicality, in the choice of wallet, regardless of style, quality, brand, card layer enough enough, inside the interval, etc., should be considered the focus.

B, compared to a simple coin purse, set key bag, coin in one of the style is more suitable for practicality you can, keys, coins and other small items can be accommodated, but also in line with the image of modern women capable.

C, men's wallet with dark leather material, style to simple and generous is appropriate! If it is portable with a bag of men can choose a rectangular wallet, if it is on the pocket pocket wallet, you can choose to cross the money Of the wallet! Do not choose too much of the price is too wasteful, do not buy too cheap to get the hand.

Wallet metal parts such as pull ring, buttons, key hooks, etc., to see whether the gold-plated office is intact, in general, copper products are less rusty, fade. Wallet joints should pay attention to whether the close, but note that too tight, the whole leather will pull too tight, and cause the wallet rupture. Note that the leather surface is too much of the joints, if the gap is too much, said the use of multiple different pieces made of leather, so good wallet should avoid too many joints.

Clean method editor

When cleaning your wallet, you need to choose a clean brush or clean cotton cloth according to the material of the purse. This is also to ensure that the wallet will not be damaged by the wrong cleaning method.

Leather wallets If you use a leather cleaner to wipe, the general wipe the glasses of the mirror is cheap and easy to use good helper, will not scratch the wallet, even smear can make the wallet to restore luster. And the usual commonly used at both ends of a gray and white pencil, pen pen with two eraser, can be used as suede bag cleaning tools, if slightly dirty, you can use the general rubbing pencils white eraser gently wipe away; Of the dirty, you can use the eraser end of the gray eraser to remove, because the friction is strong, but also have to start some light, so as not to damage the wallet.

And clean the nylon material package and cloth bread, you can use a non-dripping wet cloth gently press the wallet surface, in addition to silk, silk and satin bag, you can try toothbrush stained with toothpaste to do local cleaning. But regardless of any kind of material wallet, after cleaning should be placed in the ventilated place dry, do not go for the sake of fast to take the sun, because after scrubbing the water after the purse, it is the most vulnerable when the sudden high temperature , Will lead to wallet fade or leather harden, brittle.

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