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Wallet Polyester Material

PACER GO | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

Wallet Polyester material

On the current leather products, polyester fiber, fabric and other materials used for the wallet of the interior production is more, especially polyester material is the wallet processing manufacturers almost all products have to use a kind of interior material. Polyester package includes wallet, wallet, wallet, handbag, hand bag, hand bag, certificate bag, card package, business card package, key bag, shoulder oblique backpack and so on. Enough to prove that the polyester material is the manufacturer of the grid to do the commonly used materials.

We usually use those long section and short paragraph of the purse of the grid, are basically polyester material, the reason why the material in the production of the wallet on the application so much, mainly because of low cost, easy to obtain, processing comparison Simple, the quality is also better, so often used in the wallet processing manufacturers to apply for business cards and other products on the production. There is this material and leather together with the business card package is very appropriate, feel good, very durable.

Cotton fabrics are often used by the wallet processing factory for business cards and other small pieces of the production of products, the northern region of people like this material, not only durable, but also a warm function, a good business card package made Production materials. Nege refers to the package of the internal parts, take the wallet, it is the grid is the big notes, card bit, photo bit, document, etc., business card package is the card is the card bit, which should understand it The From 2012 onwards, the entire leather wallet market began to popular printing, lychee pattern, retro, weaving, crocodile pattern, Lingge, ostrich pattern and other popular elements of the wallet OEM style, the major manufacturers have begun to do enough effort, want to occupy Greater market share. More obvious performance is in those relatively large stores, like these popular elements of the product, in these stores showcase, can find their shadow.

Litchi pattern leather wallet is the popular style of the pilot, whether it is short wallet, coin purse, or long wallet, handbags and other wallet OEM products using this texture of the popular elements or quite a lot. The recent leather goods market there are many similar to this style appeared in the market, mainly 2 fold the main product style.

There is a retro element of the style is also a popular one, mainly with oil wax to produce leather goods and other products, leather goods market has recently set off a nostalgic boom, in addition to this, weaving elements in the wallet OEM this market is also a more popular, elegant, atmospheric products. Really a lot of people like this embossed design of the wallet, sales have been very good.

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