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Wallet Negative Materials

PACER GO | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Wallet Negative materials

Wallet and other small pieces of the quality of the goods received a lot of factors, including leather, leather hardware, processing technology, production equipment, weather and other factors are important factors affecting the quality of purse OEM, among these factors, some Can be considered to control, and some can only see the sky. For example, met the rainy season, the wallet of the oil to dry the time than usual to have many days, because the air humidity is too big, so it is difficult to dry, these natural factors, there is no way to control by hand.

Leather materials, leather hardware quality and other factors, manufacturers can experience through the control, the general manufacturers will have a professional material procurement team, then the money is responsible for the procurement of materials such as the purse of this matter, so long as that Good quality off, then these two things there is no problem. Usually sheepskin or leather and other leather used more, this is to escape the professional buyers of the eyes of the eye.

As for processing technology and production equipment factors, the test is the customer's eyes strength, and only the formal, professional production team and equipment wallet OEM manufacturers, to provide you with a stable product quality. Usually to choose more than 25 manufacturers of scale is a better choice. Now the leather products, polyester fiber, fabric and other materials used for the purse of the inner grid are more, especially polyester material is the wallet processing manufacturers almost all products have to use a kind of interior material. Polyester package includes wallet, wallet, wallet, handbag, hand bag, hand bag, certificate bag, card package, business card package, key bag, shoulder oblique backpack and so on. Enough to prove that the polyester material is the manufacturer to do the usual materials.

We usually use those long section and short paragraph wallet of the grid, are basically polyester material, the reason why the material in the production of the wallet on the application so much, mainly because of low cost, easy to obtain, processing comparison Simple, the quality is also better, so often used in the wallet processing manufacturers used in business card production and other products on the production. There is this material and leather together with the business card package is very appropriate, feel good, very durable.

Cotton fabrics are often used by the wallet processing factory for business cards and other small pieces of the production of products, the northern region of people like this material, not only durable, but also a warm function, a good business card package made Production materials. Nege refers to the package of the internal parts, take the wallet, it is the insider is the big notes, card bit, photo bit, document, etc., business card package is the card is the card bit, which should understand it The.

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