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Wallet Leather Production Process

PACER GO | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

Wallet Leather production process

Tanning: tanning, refers to the use of trivalent chromium ions to the collagen fibers of the fiber group connected, Fu

In front of the bag manufacturers to introduce the leather production process part of the steps, and now we continue to see what the remaining steps:

  Tanning: tanning, refers to the use of trivalent chromium ions to the collagen fibers of the fiber group to connect, giving the fullness of the leather feel, enhance the tensile strength of leather, tear strength. This is the most important leather manufacturing process a process, but also determine the quality of leather is the most critical step. General PH value of about 3.8-4.2, the temperature is about 40 ℃, the time is 8-12h. This order is also used in a lot of tanning agents, according to the use of leather to use. If it is re-leather (hand soles, holster, etc.), the general use of plant tanning agent, filling a strong performance, hardness, leather thick. If it is light leather, can be selected according to the color, if it is lighter color leather (such as white) can choose aluminum tanning agent, conducive to dyeing; darker leather, the general selection of chrome tanning agent, because this tanning agent Combined with a higher rate, but also more washable.

Retanning: in the modern tannery process occupies a very important position, even to be known as "gold." For light leather, retanning is an indispensable process. Because this process can be added tanning effect, improve the tannin content. Due to the different parts of the raw material of the different degree of fiber weaving, there is a poor position, that is, chrome tanning is also more difficult to eliminate this difference, this time if the use of selective filling strong retanning agent, can effectively reduce the poor position,肷 and other soft parts get a good filling, so that the whole leather more physical properties, can improve the leather cut rate. This process generally temperature around 40 ℃, PH value of 5.0 or so, the time can be adjusted according to the different tanning agent to adjust, about 30 minutes.

 Dyeing: its purpose is to give the leather a certain color, the key is to improve the dye and skin fiber binding rate, improve the dye and skin fiber bonding strength, to washable. At this time according to the different choice of dye to determine the temperature, PH value and time. Such as reactive dye X type (20 ℃ -40 ℃ dyeing), KN type dye (40 ℃ -60 ℃ staining), the general PH value of 5.0 or so, the temperature is 40 ℃ -60 ℃, time 1-2h.

 Fattening: also known as refueling, its essence is the billets appropriate appropriate fat treatment, let it absorb the amount of fat material, to restore its original softness and flexibility to prevent the leather stiff hair plate, Leather with a certain use of performance. In the previous degreasing process, we take off the oil in the cell, and here we add the oil is filled in the middle of the leather fiber, can reduce the friction of the fiber, increasing the fiber and the fiber can be moved between, so Become soft and feel full. However, the fat can also reduce the porosity and reduce the air permeability. The general PH value of 5.0 or so, the temperature of about 60 ℃, time 1.5h.

Drying: After this process, the leather will enter the finishing stage, so it is quite important. If it is natural to dry, the skin shrinkage will be small, but too much time. Now basically do not use this method, the general use of stickers dry and drying, but this will make the skin shrink larger, affecting the rate of change, so the following process.

Pull soft: dry skin after the narrow, the board hard, so pull this process is also very important. This process is the use of mechanical methods, there are falling soft, etc., can also be in the band on the skin to pull the skin around, but also to make leather as much as possible to increase the rate of protection.

Finishing: In the process of making light leather, the quality of the front and back of the leather products manufacturing and consumer choice has a decisive role, although the inherent quality of leather and feel can meet the requirements, but the final coating if not beautiful or Easy to fall off, will affect the use of leather products. Therefore, the finishing operation in the tannery production is very important, finishing quality is good or bad, to meet the requirements of consumers, improve the quality of leather, increase the efficiency of individual sectors, have a pivotal role.

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