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Wallet Leather Elasticity

PACER GO | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

Wallet Leather elasticity

First, in general, most of the cleaning bags

First with a variety of different materials for cleaning brush or clean cotton cloth, the dust, dirty removed.

Second, the leather wallet If you use a leather cleaner to wipe, generally wipe the glasses of the mirror is cheap and easy to use good helper, will not scratch your beloved bag, even smear can make the bag to restore luster.

Three, both ends of a gray and white pencil, pen pen with two eraser, can be used as suede bag cleaning tools, if slightly dirty, you can use the general rubbing pencil white eraser gently wipe to remove; serious dirt, Can be used to erase the gray eraser one end to remove, because the friction is strong, but also have to start some light, so as not to damage the bag.

Fourth, clean nylon material package and cloth bread, you can use a non-drip wet cloth gently press the bag surface, in addition to silk, silk and satin bag, you can try toothbrush stained with toothpaste to do local cleaning.

Five, regardless of any kind of material package, after cleaning should be placed in the ventilation at the dry, do not go for the sake of fast to take the sun, because after the water scrub the bag, it is the most vulnerable time, suddenly High temperature exposure, will lead to bag fade or leather harden, brittle.

Six, nowadays all kinds of packages, often complex different materials, such as suede package, leather Baoshen like, clean should be handled separately; the other if the bag has a rivet decoration or metal buckle and other materials, Must also pay attention to the use of clean metal cleaning agent to carefully maintenance, do not let the metal part of the rust damage the overall beauty of the bag. In order to prevent the zipper in the air oxidation, save the best zipper is not in contact with the air, in the zipper coated with a layer of white oil, if there is no white oil, salad oil can be replaced, on the point of candle oil can.

Seven, buy brand-name package, usually with a dust bag, if not really in the use of bags, remember to empty bags of some newspapers or old clothes out of the body, into the dust bag storage, storage also Avoid folding and weighting to avoid creases or cracks.

 Leather processing, always go through a series of steps, and now we have to see, where the open skin refers to what. First of all, we all know that leather is generally divided into two kinds, that is, the first layer of skin (animal skin), the second layer of skin (renewable skin), under normal circumstances the first layer of skin in the process requires more stringent, so before production to do the following Point of preparation:

First, from the original pants overall color separation, in order to facilitate the back of the finished product to reduce color and texture.

Second, before the open material, should first familiar with the sections, the basic essentials of various parts, strict on the color, the pattern of the pieces and the use of accessories.

Third, in the key parts (such as the hijab, the front, large package) and other obvious parts in the entire open process placed in the front selection of accessories, each pair of color, the pattern of the pieces should be marked with the code, Fast and correct match.

The elasticity of leather, it refers to the external force to restore the original form of the ability to restore, such as the clothing leather kneaded into a ball, holding a certain time in the hands after the release, the leather flat, if restored to the original flat state was Elasticity is good, otherwise the flexibility is poor. The fullness and elasticity of the leather is a very intuitive measure of the quality of the leather, good plumpness and elasticity, especially for leather garments, footwear, sofas, wallets and other products.

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