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PU Leather Coin Purse Easy To Clean

PACER GO | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

PU Leather Coin Purse Easy to clean

People's material quality of life continues to improve, the more the pursuit of the quality of material life. Leather bags become indispensable daily necessities, of course, the quality and quality of the package is also getting higher and higher. Brand-name bags become the new darling of the public But the package dirty, a lot of people do not know how to deal with, no way to start. Xiaobian for everyone to introduce several at home can easily clean their purses small coup, the future will not be dirty for the purse, do not know how to deal with the trouble.

The surface of a pack is contaminated with stains

1 bag on the stained with oil, if your bag is dark, you can use detergent to clean, directly down the amount of detergent in the pollution, and then use a soft texture of the brush or toothbrush stained with water gently Of the scrub, be careful not to be too hard to avoid the color of the bag and the surface of the leather scraping off the surface. Gently wash the oil stains, until you can not see, and then washed with clean water on the line. If it is a white bag, you can use diluted bleach to clean, must be diluted bleach (1:10), or will have a leather bag, so the effect will be better

2 pen on the emergence of a ball-point pen handwriting, the brush will be gently coated with a layer of up to 95% of the concentration of alcohol or coated with a layer of egg white, so that it remains in the bag about five minutes, gently wipe, clean with water on the line The

3 the same bag will often have a different color to meet the different needs of consumers, when you have a color too deep bag, will appear for a long time, will fade the situation, we can put Soaked in salt for about a minute, and then clean the water on it.

4 some of the bag because the production did not undergo a rigorous drying, the bag with a long time there will be moldy phenomenon, the bag on the 40 degrees of warm soapy water soak for about ten minutes, and then clean with water. If it is white, can be placed in the sun to dry for ten minutes.

5 we in the backpack, bag time, will be directly on the indirect contact with the clothes, some clothes will fade, making our bag infected with the color of clothes. Can be used in the daily life of the girl's makeup water, the entire cotton pad soaked, gently wipe in the pollution, repeated wipe, until the dirty place can not see, and then clean the cotton pad with some water, wipe clean.

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