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Luggage Fabrics Identified Points Which

PACER GO | Updated: Jun 06, 2016

Bags there are many kinds of fabrics: leather, nylon, canvas, polyester, PVC. ... These fabrics look different in the differential diagnosis, of course, where there are similar. Says all luggage fabrics can be used to identify points of luggage fabrics to identify what are the essentials?. Fabric gloss: good exposure in the light fabric luggage would have contrasted with bright, soft light, gloss of different fabrics are different, thick clear nylon fabric density, so shine brighter than any other clothing or fabric to some; leather itself is highly reflective, so high gloss. Fabric textures: fabric feels good are very delicate, feels warm and comfortable not mill hands hang when using the vertical sense of nature. Nylon/polyester fabric to clear lines, density lines obviously, small nylon fabric also has a tear effect.

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