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Leather Card Holder The Type Of Leather

PACER GO | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

Leather Card Holder The type of leather

In fact, the texture and the cortex is not much relationship, for example, both crocodile pattern sheepskin wallet, there are crocodile pattern cowhide card, that is, the same texture can be applied in different cakes business card set , So that we may be more likely to understand some. There is a lot of texture, leather materials are also a lot of types, but that some texture imprint on some of the cortex is not very beautiful Bale.

Now the leather market has been applied to the more frequently concentrated texture and cortex, including, litchi pattern, crocodile pattern, serpentine, ostrich pattern, plain, turtle crack, weaving, car line, hit color, fight color, fold, water ripple , Sheep leather, leather, crocodile leather, etc., only part of the texture applied in the business card package made up above, not all the textures are suitable for doing business card package.

As for the difference between different textures, but the feel and visual sensory there will be some differences, this is certain, because the different characteristics and nature of the cortex are not the same, so a little difference is unavoidable. Sheepskin business card custom made texture of the stereotypes slightly worse, a little bit of leather, after all, the hardness of leather placed there. The number of the number of manufacturers with the size of the relationship is proportional to the larger manufacturers, the higher the volume, the smaller the size of the manufacturers, the lower the MOQ, so the small batch of business cards made of fold business card, and only Small and medium-sized manufacturers are willing to undertake, and more than 50 packages it, which is the lowest from the volume, like those large-scale manufacturers, are two or three hundred to be set from the set.

Fold is just a leather texture, but also sub-cortex, such as sheepskin, leather and so on, the key issue is not leather texture, but the size of the order, this is the ability to undertake the decisive conditions, so that small Batch of the minimum standard is 50 packages, so the size of the business card custom order, in order to be stable by the small and medium-sized strength of the factory to undertake it before they can successfully start production.

In general, the size of a single order in more than 50 packages, only the formal manufacturers are willing to undertake, less than this number, and perhaps only what family workshops can help you do, because the regular business card manufacturers customized labor costs Quite high, less than 50, is to lose money, so not all small quantities have factories are willing to help you do.

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