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Leather Card Holder Business Card Development

PACER GO | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

Leather Card Holder Business card development 

Business card development editor

The early business card box made of silver or copper, and later appeared sandalwood, rosewood, rhinoceros, tortoiseshell and other materials, its shape is mostly rectangular flat box, up and down the Siamese small box, there are boxes Body and cover separate small box type. Business card box on the pattern, the integration of the carving, Lou, engraved, inlay and many other crafts, work extremely delicate and meticulous. Especially in hardcore made card case, called fine works of art. Craftsmen to knife on behalf of the pen to the carving, carving, carving, line carving and other technology, in the wooden box above the landscape characters, flowers and birds, insects, opera and other patterns, so that it has a delicate, exquisitely carved artistic effect, add The name of the box to play the charm and artistic temperament.

In the rise of human culture at the end of the Qing Dynasty, business card box is also a symbol of identity. The more precious material, the more sophisticated business card case, also the more able to reflect the user's grade status. Such as the pursuit of some elegant taste of the people, the use of expensive sandalwood production card case, carry, not only can play the role of sachet, but also make the business card also smell the same fragrance, people smell a sense of refreshing, To show their own taste of different degrees. In contrast, some people in order to exaggerate the rich, gold jewelry production card case, it seems a bit dusty of the gas.

As the birth of the card box is not long, but also belong to the reputation of small pieces of miscellaneous, in the past often overlooked. However, with the recent warming of the collection of heat, some of the eyes of the players have been shifted to some of the more popular holdings, the success of the business card box profit margins are also optimistic about the possession of the "potential stocks". The collection of business card box, material, year, process three elements. Material is rare and precious. Followed by the identification of their own era, if it is modern products, there is not much of the collection value. The production process is carved way fine and delicate, exquisite layout layout, shape the basic prerequisite for the collection. [1-2] Chinese people use business cards history is very long, the earliest can be traced back to the pre-Qin period with bamboo chips to write the "name thorn." And in the long two thousand years later, the form of business cards, specifications, materials, has not formed a unified, is a more casual way to disseminate information, become an important tool for social occasions.

Until the late Qing Dynasty, the country was opened, many new things influx. It is found that foreigners use cardboard cards made of thick paper, the size of the right, beautifully produced, including the name, address, job and other information, with a good self-introduction function. Prior to this, business cards are not easy to carry. The Western-style film, not only easy to carry, the recipient is also easy to store, so people soon accepted this Western-style film, and thus the birth of the card case this subsidiary supplies.

Material: leather, imitation leather, plastic, metal, acrylic, wooden.

Style: desktop placed, portable.

These card cases, especially in the wood of the more special, but also the future use of a trend, especially for business gifts, corporate gifts, because the style and material are more special, but also popular with everyone's welcome.

One of the wooden card case, and a lot of wood: mahogany, maple, imitation mahogany, etc., the current market in particular, the East is still the most outstanding process. Elegant style of excellence.

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