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Key Holder Leather More Than One

PACER GO | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Key Holder Leather more than one

For men, the key to the size of the color, size, the number of the key chain of the most important. According to a professional leather wallet factory incomplete data statistics, khaki and black key bag is that people use more of the two colors of the style, mainly because the black can give people a very elegant feeling, just the majority Of men are more like simple and plain accessories; and khaki symbolizes the maturity of this man, so that people become more attractive, which is why the public is the main reason. Whether it is for men or ladies with key cases, its material is very important, in all the materials, the leather key bag is the most durable one, because the leather is flexible, breathable, easy to crack, good hardness , Feel comfortable and soft. The key package of leather more than one, including sheepskin, leather, pigskin, crocodile skin, patent leather, oil skin, etc., and in these leather materials, leather is the best one, because it is the output Large, easy to process, to process the style, comprehensive performance is good. However, the use of key bags of men sometimes pay attention to the brand, because when you attend some important occasions, all your things can be used as a symbol of your social status items, high-end key bag brand has dream Shakespeare and Versaillon are well suited to carry important business, government, banquets and other occasions. These two brands of key bags are made of leather, not only the appearance of luxury and generous, and the interior function is powerful and practical, the most important thing is easy to carry. Season to collect the bag, before the store had to clean the leather, and the bag should be put into a clean shredded paper or cotton shirt to keep the shape of the bag, and then put the bag into the soft bag, the collection The bag in the cabinet should be avoided by improper extrusion and deformation. The cabinet that houses the leather goods must be kept ventilated. For example, the cabinet is better, and the cabinet is best not to put too many items. Leather itself, the natural fat will be with the longer time or use the number of times and gradually reduced, so even a very high leather goods also need to do regular maintenance. It is recommended that you clean up the dust before you store the leather. The general cortical products is best to first put the leather maintenance oil, the practice is to wipe the oil on a clean cotton, and then evenly wipe the surface, to avoid the oil directly applied to the leather parts to avoid damage to the leather. Leather goods maintenance of the first thing is "cherished", usually in the use of handbags when the attention is not scratched, not the rain, not stains, are the basic knowledge of the maintenance of handbags. Or wait until after a problem to deal with, the effect will be poor.

* Strong absorption of leather, should pay attention to anti-fouling, high-grade frosted leather in particular to pay attention.

· Once a week with a dry towel after wringing dry, repeated several times to gently wipe.

· If there is any stain on the leather, wipe with a clean wet sponge dip detergent and let it dry naturally. Formal use can be used in the inconspicuous corner of the trial.

• If you overturn the beverage on the leather, immediately dry it with a clean cloth or sponge, wipe it with a damp cloth, let it dry naturally, do not dry it with a hairdryer.

· If it is stained with grease, it can be used for cloth wiping, the rest is cleaned by its natural dissipation or cleaning agent, and can not be scrubbed with water.

· If you find any holes, broken burning phenomenon, do not repair, please contact the professional staff directly.

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