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Key Holder A Function Pack

PACER GO | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

Key Holder A function pack

First of all, we first look at the key inside the structure of the key, it is by the key position, card bit and large notes together a functional package, proofing before the need to purchase leather materials, objects, production accessories, need to play the master painting, Mold, and then open the material, the last is the assembly and dry, so in general proofing need to spend about 3 days of key case manufacturers time.

As for the time of large goods, this is with the material procurement time, production time, with the order size of the relationship, such as 100 leather key case, their production time is about 20 days or so, the key bag manufacturers need to do Things include open materials, printing pressure stamp, shovel skin, car line, glue water, oil side, and the process of drying.

Proofing and out of the time of large cargo is also affected by other objective factors and natural factors, such as rainwater weather, it will affect the key to the oil side of the dry time and speed, there is the case of power outages, but also Affect the time of the key package manufacturers to estimate, so, can only say that under normal circumstances, proofing about 3 days, 100 leather keys package goods about 20 days.

Generally speaking, the production period of leather goods production orders mainly by the production technology, production, production materials, product mix and other factors, they determine the production efficiency, so the calculation of key bag processing time, the main consideration is also a few Aspects of the impact of factors.

First, the production of technology and production is the most important factor, all products are produced by people and machinery and equipment, so they are the core factors. The strength of the wallet production technology, affecting the efficiency of the key package processing shipments, machinery and equipment as well.

Followed by the production of materials and product structure, and these two are also very influential factors for the production efficiency. If the production material is not ready, you need to re-purchase the raw materials later, during which you have to waste a lot of time, so one to go, the key package processing time to be extended, and this is the impact of shipping time two factor.

There is the retro style of the texture is nowadays a more popular texture of a bar, these are based on our real statistics to the results of the crocodile leather key package processing of finished products in the market, although relatively rare, It is because it is more expensive, crocodile pattern leather naturally become a substitute, this texture of the wallet is still very good to see, won a lot of consumers like.

Ostrich pattern leather leather key bag is also a lot of people like a texture, this type of wallet is also very nice to see the style, very fashionable a texture, on the current point of view, these three kinds of texture is pretty good and Welcome to the finished product.

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