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How To Identify Your Top Layer Leather Second Skin

PACER GO | Updated: Jun 06, 2016

Top layer leather is a grain, such as cattle, sheep, pig, leather natural scars and blood cord and, occasionally, in the process of stab wounds as well as very low utilization rate of the belly spot, top layer leather imported cattle there number imprinted. Full grain leather from pore size and density to distinguish what kind of animal leathers. Many kinds of leather, leather, dairy cattle, beef cattle skin, grazing cows, Bull skin, uncastrated male castrated bull hide and leather. In China also have yellow leather, Buffalo, yaks and cattle skin, and so on. Among them, the pores of the Buffalo is coarse and sparse; fine cow hide than Buffalo skin pores and thick. Finer pores in sheep's clothing is more dense and a little slope, there are two large categories of sheep and goat. Skins fur rules is 3~5 a handful of distribution, so very easy to distinguish, generally pigskin in captivity, there are wild boar, famous South American pigs, this wild boar skin have obvious pores and grain characteristics of pig skins, because of its special collagen of fibrous structures, can be processed into a very soft garment leather or leather gloves, very high value.

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