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Difference Between Shoulder Bag And Messenger Bag

PACER GO | Updated: Jun 06, 2016

Shoulder bags shoulder bag with a long strap, with wide handle Tote shoulder bag long strap Crossbody shoulder bag design more sophisticated body and overall texture effects, so the material generally used on leather, more textured. Women's shoulder bags shoulder straps no wider than 5CM, while men are exceptions; small shoulder bags are usually non-portable, shoulder and slung a common use. Oblique satchel in design Shang and single shoulder package different, oblique satchel General has three species carry type: oblique carrying, and single shoulder and mobile, for mobile of design Shang will II times reinforcement, to ensure durable sex; due to oblique satchel is leisure class, so in package body design Shang will than single shoulder package big, and will will package body can using of location are made storage, is a paragraph attention practical of bags.

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