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Coin Purse New Material Wallet

PACER GO | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Coin Purse New material wallet

Silicone coin purse wallet is China's current market on the emergence of a new material of the coin, in fact, silicone coin wrapped in the material of the coin has been popular in foreign countries, and very popular with foreign women, but return to our market , Silicone wallet in the market situation is cold and clear! The reason, but we still do not understand this new material of the silicone wallet, the following we give you to explain it!

Material: First of all, we start from the production of silicone wallet material Speaking: silicone zero purse material for the silicone, silicone is a non-toxic harmless material, good stability, good elasticity, physical and chemical properties are very stable, High and low temperature, can be used in the temperature range of -80 ° -280 °! And we are using environmentally friendly silicone material, the product is environmentally friendly!

Color: Furthermore, we talk about the color of this product, we can use color paste to carry out the color, you can mix and match with a different color, and the color will be true to the real, you can simply say ; Color cream blending out the color just like the paint used by the paint is about the watercolor painting out of the effect we have seen, very beautiful, so we can also believe that the effect of blending out of the cream is very beautiful, so Relative to other traditional coin purse, the color above, the silicone wallet is a good challenge to the traditional coin purse!

Features: and then we use the characteristics of the silicone, the silica gel soft texture, good elasticity, no deformation and material aging and rupture phenomenon, and silicone purse are prepared by the use of paste with the gel after mixing rubber Pressure molding, so do not worry about discoloration fade phenomenon, and now we often use the coin purse package of leather, fabric, and these several pieces of the wallet to use for a long time or not much attention, there will be leather rupture, Fade, dirty can not afford, the fabric will be pilling or sticky some dirty, although you can clean, but some are indeed washed away, and the silicone cleaning convenience, can be easily cleaned, in this A little bit of a challenge to the traditional coin purse!

Shape: Finally we will talk about the shape of the silicone wallet, silicone coin because of the relationship between the material, and now with the silicone production process continues to progress, we can produce different shapes of silicone purse, round, square, Diamond-shaped; animal, plant, characters can be produced, as long as there are sample drawings, we can for you mold production. And the traditional coin purse, we see in the market are round or round, and rarely see the special novelty, even if there is, in the price is also very expensive, so the price of silicone purse is also slightly Win! Through the above description, silicone purse is now the era of new material products, it has been abroad in foreign women's special pet, we should also follow the trend of fashion, in the pursuit of fashion at the same time, but also with the now advocate of environmental protection Work together, why not!

User consumption scale and year-on-year growth rate: Through the past five consecutive years of China's market wallet industry users consumption scale and year on year growth rate analysis to determine the size and growth of the wallet industry, and the next five years, the scale of user growth Trend to make a prediction, the part of the content presented in the form of "text narrative + data chart.

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