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Coin Purse Leather Wallet Selection

PACER GO | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Coin Purse Leather wallet selection

Through our background statistics show that often give some guests do not pay much attention to the choice of product style, this is obviously wrong, because different consumer groups have different preferences, in the coin processing industry is the case, I hope you Today, after seeing this article, can get a wake up. Leather purse package has several major attention to the need to pay attention, please Jun read one by one, will certainly benefit a lot.

Change purse package Note 1: for different age groups of consumers choose a different style, 18-35 years of age this part of the consumer belongs to the younger group of people, they usually like the wallet processing fashion a little style, to prepare them Of the style can not be too old, and to meet their aspirations, this is the business of the Road.

Change the purse package Note 2: do the product style price positioning, each part of the consumer spending power is not the same, the operator to adjust the price of coin processing, in order to correspond to the sales price to meet only a consumption level Of the crowd. There are still many guests do not understand how to distinguish between leather and sheepskin, edit the purpose of this article is to allow the majority of customers know how to distinguish between these two leather materials to help customers choose the right leather to process the wallet. Up to now, there are three more effective ways, please see the following detailed description.

The first measure: leather thickness comparison method

Knowledgeable people know that leather than sheepskin thick, and sheepskin feel more soft, and leather feel relatively hard.

The second measure: leather material pore density comparison method

You know that no matter what kind of leather, its surface will have a layer of evenly distributed pores, dense, the pores of the pores than the sheep's skin, intuitive effect shows that the pores of leather is relatively thick, and sheepskin pores and large density , Intuitive effect shows more dense.

The third measure: leather incision distinction method

Comparison of the size of the skin is also a good way to distinguish between the size of sheepskin and leather, as long as careful comparison you will find the sheepskin cut than leather fine and tidy.

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