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Carbon Fiber Wallet Maintenance Skills

PACER GO | Updated: May 19, 2017

   Carbon Fiber Wallet Wallets are people who carry money or other small items, since ancient times is also a symbol of people's taste and status.

   Wallets can not only money and bank cards, credit cards and other currency tools are collected together in a small bag, and easy to carry with the use, usually slap size. Now the wallet in addition to the above role can also be portable or when the family photo folder use.

    Wallet according to their style can be divided into long wallet, short wallet; long wallet shape known for rectangular,

Wallet picture

Wallet picture (5 photos)

Longer length. If something more and put the wallet in the bag, then to choose a long package is appropriate. Wool purse package, in terms of long wallet is also more atmospheric. Short wallet length and width are shorter, generally close to the square, if the money is often the pocket pocket, then a short wallet is appropriate

   Carbon Fiber Wallet Maintenance skills;

1, keep dry, stored in a cool place.

Carbon Fiber Wallet wallet

2, avoid exposure, fire roast, washed, sharp objects impact and contact with chemical solvents.

3, the wallet need to glue the main suture production, glue water easily melt, so try not to use the wallet when the water, rain special attention.

4, can use Biluo beads or the same color shoe for care.

5, in principle, is a card pocket can only insert a card, can not barely insert two cards, will lead to loose card bag.

6, should be careful to protect all the metal parts, humid and high salt environment will melt the wallet, in the metal surface coated with a layer of transparent nail polish can effectively prevent metal oxidation.

Carbon Fiber Wallet Men and women wallet

Girls' wallet usually choose more, color, accessories, design, brand choice than boys on the wallet to more, this is also related to the consumption habits of girls. Focus on personality, novelty, brand, etc., so the girls wallet replacement frequency is relatively frequent. Boys' wallet is usually more emphasis on quality, style to business more. The basic color to calm the main color.

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