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Carbon Fiber Wallet Maintenance

PACER GO | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

Carbon Fiber Wallet maintenance

Now a lot of wallet production is the use of artificial leather, PU leather and other materials to make. Wushi factory said, such as PU artificial leather this material, mainly based on the mattress to polyurethane solution for the paint made. The mattress is impregnated with a polyurethane solution, coated and solidified by a water bath, and the resulting microporous layer is formed into a polyurethane suede. This kind of artificial leather texture soft, wear, breathable, warm, feel the impact of changes in condensation, suitable for the production of clothing, more advanced bags, bags and decorative items. The method of producing artificial leather is also a variety of methods, such as transfer coating method, direct coating method, calendering paste method, and extrusion paste method. Artificial leather is mainly made of PVC plasticizer and other additives rolling on the cloth made, with cheap, rich colors, patterns and more advantages, but there are some shortcomings, such as easy to harden, brittle and so on. Package factory here to remind the vast number of consumers, if you have purchased the use of this material made of women's wallet, you should do a good job maintenance work, as follows:

1. Dip the water and detergent cleaning, avoid gasoline scrub, do not contaminate the acid and other corrosive chemicals.

2. Can not dry cleaning, generally available soft cloth dipped in soapy water smear, and then wash with warm water, wash after hanging in a cool ventilated place to dry, must not be exposed.

3. Can only be washed, and the water temperature can not be more than 40 degrees, not hot water bubbles, because the hot water will make the bottom fabric fiber damage.

4 can not use sun exposure, when not in the best flat, do not fold, can not pressure on heavy objects.

5. Can not touch some organic solvents, and do not rub with the hard rough objects, collision, so as not to damage the surface coating. Wallet production of the material is different, such as leather, PU leather, cloth and so on. And made of different materials from the wallet, contains the grade is also different. Like the world's luxury brand Prada bag made of the material was unique and precious leather materials, including classic leather, antique leather, fox fur and sub-crocodile skin. In the production from the leather cut to different parts are all hand-sewn, bag making process similar to the ancient saddle artisan production saddle process. Louis Vuitton bags, most of the use of patent leather and other materials, canvas bag is the most common, not only durable, and waterproof, lines and feel are also very good.

   For the production of wallet, its quality, we can judge by the naked eye. Many ladies in the purchase of wallet, will attach great importance to its quality, after all, the use of wallet, will show a woman's taste, and in the selection of wallet, wallet factory that can be carried out from the following aspects:

1. You can see the cortex. Look at the purse of the leather is really made of cowhide. It is very comfortable and reliable, and it is waterproof and has high durability. The ordinary cortex, dermatoglyphics rough, texture and no texture and harder.

2. Look at the sewing thread. A good wallet, sewing line precision uniform, consistent line, exquisite workmanship, there will be no disconnection, the line, the line dislocation and other errors.

3. Look at the buckle, many women's wallet has a button, because the buckle is the most used number, so it should be carefully checked whether the fast buckle, press the sound when the sound is crisp, how many times will appear fade Or after the release of the phenomenon of loose, if any, you should not choose such a wallet.

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