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Carbon Fiber Wallet Cleaning Method

PACER GO | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Carbon Fiber Wallet Cleaning method

Various leather cleaning methods

1, oil skin:

Test method: oily, with hard objects or nail light strokes, there are obvious traces, then a small amount of leather can be used to gently rub the rub. Hand pushing the skin will produce discoloration effect.

Cleaning method: put a small amount of leather on the cotton, evenly wipe.

Maintenance and precautions: the use of attention to water, anti-grease, to try to avoid scratch with the hard objects scratch, resulting in cortical damage will be more difficult to recover. Oily heavy leather adhesive effect is poor, easy to open plastic. Use special leather for maintenance.

2, water stained leather, playing wax leather:

Test method: water stained leather, waxing the surface without any decoration, but only stained, painted wax water after the surface of the striae clear, three-dimensional sense of strong, smooth feel. Water stained leather surface, there is a clear wet India, the skin surface will be water. High grade, S.L Shangge good products of the basic use of this high-end products.

Cleaning method: in the cleaning process, can not use oily water, with rubber wipe the best.

Maintenance and precautions: water stained leather, playing wax leather is uncoated leather, easy to absorb water and stains, color is more prominent, use should pay attention to avoid water or other stains, to avoid contact with oil, not Rain, when not wiping the dust, keep the leather surface brightness, to prevent mildew.

3, wiping skin:

Test method: wiping the skin pattern is more natural, there are coarse and fine, feel better, is broken by the machine several times beat processing made. Most of the mid-range products of S.L are still using this product.

Cleaning method: easy to clean, with ordinary leather oil can be cleaned.

Maintenance and precautions: when not in use, it is best to hang up; if flat, to be on the surface, to avoid being crushed by other items wrinkled, affecting the appearance.

4, litchi skin:

Test method: litchi skin pattern uniform and clear, feel a sense of grain, it is pressed through the pattern template. The current line is low-end varieties.

Cleaning method: easy to clean, with ordinary leather oil can be cleaned.

Maintenance and precautions: When the leather bag wrinkles, iron can be used iron, the temperature between 60-70 degrees. Ironing with thin cotton cloth to do with hot cloth, while to keep moving iron.

5, matte skin:

Test method: the leather surface polishing, and scars or rough fiber wear off, revealing neat uniform leather fiber tissue and then dyed a variety of colors from the first layer or two layers of skin.

Cleaning method: with eraser, raw rubber scrub, part can also try to use the blade light scraping.

Care and precautions: Do not use glue and other objects with adhesive contact.

6, sheepskin:

Test method: leather light, soft leather, breathable, feel smooth and delicate, small pores, was oblate. Too thin, easy to wear, does not apply to large leather products.

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