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Leather care options

PACER GO | Updated: Jun 06, 2016

Leather care must be fat. Contains oil of leather nursing agent, with hand rub Shi, has oil sense, but not greasy, dang temperature reached 450~750du Zhijian Shi, in flammable real of help Xia, can fire burning, so available burning method test, that put few nursing agent uniform spray Yu toilet paper, put Yu mosquito frame Shang, first lit toilet paper, burn to nursing agent Shi, is nursing agent can fire burning. Ph PH value. If leather nursing agent pH of PH value is greater than 7, is is alkaline State, it into intradermal, damage skin within surface fiber Zhijian of original oil film, and wash off these skin within oil, makes leather internal fiber surface Zhijian of fiber mutual bond, and mill wipe force variable big, also will corrosion leather fiber, thus leather variable hard, and variable crisp, even cracking--alkaline real hurt leather of reasons on in here, that with alkaline clean agent, clean leather, into leather internal of alkaline real, will damage leather of internal structure, Especially the surface oil of intradermal membrane, leather hard, brittle, even cracked. Therefore, in addition to model oil leather cleaning agent, can not use detergent care leather. Leather care qualified pH between PH value =5~7. PH value of PH test strips sold in general stores of chemical teaching.

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