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Backpack maintenance tips

PACER GO | Updated: Jun 06, 2016

First: do not usually carry if you exercise for a long time, had better not choose to carry your backpack for a long time, carrying so long is bad for your health, try in a couple of hours in mobile, and then back, this balance can greatly extend the life of your backpack on! Second: to often let you of double shoulder package see Sun don't long time put in housing inside not for outdoor movement, no sun light of moist, you of double shoulder package on May will appeared moldy of situation, while also will appeared some odor, alone you also to carrying it does, so, may wish to across a time on put you of love package took out for a sunbathing, to it more is Sun. Third: to avoid significant friction with shoulder bags in use will inevitably experience some wear, to reduce wear to your damage as much as possible, to do wear less and love more. Avoid friction is larger or uneven surface slippery place to use, if you have to use, but also to stay yigexinyan, unwillingness has never positive friction.

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